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Working With A Family Law Attorney – Top 5 Things To Expect

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Know what to expect while working with a Family Lawyer

If you have an appointment soon to visit a family law office for help with a family matter, such as a custody case, it is only natural that you will have some questions on how everything works. Any child custody case can end up being the most contentious element in family law simply because there is so much that is at stake. If you are planning on proceeding with the litigation process, you are hoping to get the solutions you are after for both the present and the future. Going through to navigate both custodial rights and current visitation will also work on shaping the relationships that you and any other members of your family will have with your child(ren).

Deciding To See A Family Law Attorney

Parents often look into pursuing custody for a number of reasons. Some may be looking to get sole custody due to the emotional attachment that they have with their kids. Others may do it because there are some issues surrounding the stability and fitness of the other parent. It will always be crucial that you focus on whatever is in the best interest of the children as well.

There are some parents that will be capable of navigating through the negotiation process on custody all on their own. However, not everyone can get through this on their own. If you are contemplating working with a family law attorney, the chances are good that the communication and negotiation have broken down between you and the other parent and you are now hoping to get outside help. This is where a qualified family law attorney will come into play.

These are 5 of the things that you can expect while working with your chosen family law attorney:

  1. Knowledge Of The Law – It is true that every lawyer has to be able to go to law school and they need to be able to pass the bar exam so that they can practice law. However, these are just the bare minimums. When you look at the complexity of the world that we live in today, just about every area of law has turned into a specialty. When it comes to a family case, you need to know that you are working with a professional that understands all of the laws surrounding your unique needs.No one attorney will know it all, so choosing someone who has a specialty in the field of family law will be the way to go. Additionally, you never want to pay the price for a lawyer that is going through the motions and learning as they go. While the various regulations and statutes can easily be found online and in law books, the manner in which you apply them in practice can differ a great deal from what is actually written. This is something that will only be known from applying the law and having a number of similar cases under their belt. The right lawyer is always going to bring you the appropriate level of knowledge in the area of family law so that you can have peace of mind and know that you are going to be in for a solid outcome.
    Family Law Law Books and Gavel
    Family Law Law Books and Gavel
  2. Great Listening Ability – While this may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, there are some parents that find themselves faced with a lawyer that seems too busy to really pay attention to what is being conveyed during meetings or phone calls. You need to remember that you are unique and the goals that you have for your case are unique when compared to anyone else on their client list. Whether you are getting divorced, looking for custody changes, or something else surrounding family law, you need to be able to talk with your attorney and be sure that he or she is always listening to you.The right family law attorney will be able to listen to you and fully understand your needs. By getting to know you, he or she will be able to work while knowing what will be in your best interests, as well as the best interest of your family in regards to your case.
    Family Attorney Taking Notes
    Family Attorney Taking Notes
  3. Clarity – Any attorney, has to be completely transparent with you while communicating. This goes for explaining the law to you and all of your options, the chance you have of success with each option, the fees that you will be charged, and even how he or she works. Will the lawyer be able to respond to any of your questions or concerns within minutes? Or will it take them a day or longer to get back to you? Will they be the sole person who is working on the different aspects of your family law case, or will some portions be delegated to paralegals and other associates? You should be able to expect that your attorney will take the time necessary to explain any legal concepts and terminology to you even if it is something that seems fundamental to them. They should always be checking with you to make sure that you understand everything that is being explained and any questions or concerns are properly addressed before moving forward.
    Attorney Sharing With Client
    Attorney Sharing With Client
  4. Responsiveness – While it is always nice to have the answers to your questions in a flash, there are some instances where it is best that you are able to get a fuller explanation or solution rather than a quick one. You should expect that your family law attorney will be able to take the time to respond in a timely manner, while also making sure that everything gets answered in the best possible way. The last thing that you want to have is any sort of misunderstanding or disappointment simply because your expectations are not properly spelled out. Just keep in mind that if you do not get a response in a day, it could simply be that your attorney is looking to find the best answer for your question or concern.
    Responsive Attorney uses current technology.
    We don’t all move at the same pace.
  5. Efficiency – Whenever you are faced with a family law matter, you should always be able to expect that the firm or attorney you hire will be able to work as efficiently as possible to get you results. With that being said, there is nobody that can be perfectly efficient at all times.Efficient Attorneys use all forms of communincation.

Fully Engage with your Family Attorney

When you get ready to go in to see someone to help you out with your case, it is important that you work on mentally preparing yourself. Never make it so that your lawyer is the only person that is asking the questions. This is the most important case that you may be faced with in your entire life, so pay attention to every detail and expect nothing but the best.

Talk to your attorney about all of the different family laws that pertain to your case within your state. Ask questions on the kind of outcomes they have seen in the past with similar cases and never be afraid to inquire about what you can expect when moving forward. Are you going to have to work with mediation? Will you be working through both a divorce and a custody agreement as part of your family law case? Your lawyer should be able to talk with you about all that is involved and what you can expect as you move forward.

You should also be expecting that you have a lawyer on your side that is experienced, will offer you personal attention and has great confidence in themselves as well as anyone else that is working at the firm. You need to have a zealous advocate and someone that has a great respect not only for you but also for your hard earned money. You are out to get results, but you need to be sure that you are working with someone that is always going to have your best interests in mind.

If at any time when you are talking with a family law attorney, and you are not feeling as though your expectations are being completely fulfilled, you need to be able to talk to your attorney. It will always be better for you if you are able to communicate honestly and clear the air than it would be for you to continue on while having any sort of misgivings.

While there will never be any guarantees when it comes to a family law case, you will always see that looking for these 5 things to expect from a good family law attorney will set you up for the best chance at success. This is never the path that anyone wants to travel down, but there will be many advantages to making sure that you are pointed in the right direction. In the end, you will hopefully have the outcome that you are looking for and the added peace of mind that you made the right selection in a family law attorney to help you out with your case.

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